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At Lowe, we believe we offer something different when we’re awarded a job. We go above, beyond and to great lengths to ensure we achieve what the client desires and exceed expectations. Being a family run business, we care and our work is a true reflection of that. All machine operators are trained to the highest industry and CPCS standard.

When it comes to Specialist Excavations, you will struggle to find a better family run company than us. Not only do we have many years of experience in the industry but we also operate to the highest levels of efficiency and safety. When you work with us you will have an absolute piece of mind that the job will be delivered on time, on budget and to an impeccable standard.

Vacuum Excavations

We have invested into the latest excavation machinery and now carry out 80% of excavations via vacuum. Compared to traditional methods, vacuum excavation creates far less dust, less air pollution, reduces the risk of contamination and creates less spoil making this a more efficient method of excavation. Using our compact vacuum excavators allows us to perform in hard to access sites with precision and accuracy. The efficiency of these machines is outstanding, not to mention, minimal site disruption compared to traditional machinery. From preparing the site to finishing the project, vacuum excavation is undeniably what makes us your best choice for specialist excavations.

Our professional services and state of the art machinery, means even the most challenging excavations can be carried out with ease.

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